Welcome to the website of the State vocational and technical educational institution “Slavutsky Vocational Lyceum”.

Our school was founded in 2005. The educational institution is accredited according to the II attestation level. Today it is a multidisciplinary institution of professional education, a multiple laureate of exhibitions “Modern Education Ukraine”, “Innovation in education”.

The school has more than 350 students studying the following fields and professions:

  • Repair-construction works (plasterer, installer of plasterboard structures).
  • Automobile transport (locksmith repairing wheeled vehicles, body fitter).
  • Electrical production (electric and gas boiler, electric welder on automatic and semi-automatic machines).
  • Public catering (cook, baby food cook, waiter, confectioner, bartender).
  • Sewing production (tailor)

Educational, educational activities, comprehensive personality development with involvement in various projects, including the EU4Skills international project, take place in the educational institution on a daily basis.

Students of the educational institution take an active part in sports competitions, artistic activities, clubs, project activities, subject olympiads, contests of professional skills, etc.

A crucial aspect of the educational activities of the Vocational Education and Training Establishment “Slavutsky Vocational Lyceum” is cooperation with the Vana-Vigala School of Technology and Service (Estonia) within the framework of the Ukraine-Estonia project “Transfer of Estonian Experience to Support Reforms in Vocational Education in Ukraine.” Our colleagues underwent internships at Estonian vocational education institutions during 2019-2020.

Our educational institution operates a Career Center, with its main tasks being professional guidance and the promotion of vocational professions, which are extremely necessary for the development of our state in today’s circumstances. An active team of pedagogical staff will outline the algorithm for job search and building one’s own business for successful career development.

The State vocational and technical educational institution “Slavutsky Vocational Lyceum” serves as a modern platform for the professional and personal growth of students, who become competitive specialists ready to face the challenges of the job market and the innovative world. We firmly uphold educational standards and are ready to welcome all those eager to join us in learning.

Our address:

Ukraine, 30000, Khmelnytskyi region, Slavuta, Yaroslavа Mudrogo street, 75

Contact details


Nadia NIZHNIK, phone +380972582069

Responsible for international cooperation:

Tania GOLUB, phone +380977689770

Ivanna GRABARCHUK, phone +380966118768

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